12 Oct

LBJ’s Terrifying Prank and How to Not Win a Nobel Prize

This CNN Edition story about President Lyndon Johnson’s little trick to scare his ranch visitors half to death.

“As the President and Agent Howard ran through their usual routine, they could see a passenger bailing out of the backseat and then collapsing in the water. Howard and the President’s physician jumped out and ran to her.”

This Smithsonian Magazine article about what NOT to do if you want to be awarded a Nobel Prize.

“Since there are fewer medals than prize-worthy nominees, the committee must look beyond credentials and toward things like uniqueness and the magnitude of a discovery, says Hansson. That can bite even the most worthy nominees, he notes.”

photo credit: Nobelpriset via photopin (license)
photo credit: Photograph of President Lyndon Johnson Visiting with U.S. Troops in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, 10/26/1966 via photopin (license)

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