Hi. I’m Helenah.

My core talent is my ability to take elaborate information, extract the key message, and present it with clarity. In my work, I fuse my background in journalism with my experience as a video producer and my training in strategic communication to always produce compelling and concise messages.

I have delivered stories as a print, radio, and television news reporter; trekked through both tropical and concrete jungles with my camera as a documentary filmmaker; and I have carefully reviewed strategic communication pieces for multinational audiences.

In 2012, I received a regional Emmy Award for my camera work in a PBS documentary (watch it here: menhadenmovie.com), and in 2015, I was honored with a public communications award for my strategic research on authenticity on social media. I have worked on projects for PBS, AARP, Tillväxtanalys, Queen Anne’s Conservation Association, and Dalarna University – to name a few. 

Today, I am based in Sweden, but happy to connect with clients from all over the world.