09 Oct

Devastating Startup Failure and the Truth Behind the Columbus Myth

This Medium article about the people behind educational app Wisdomly and their journey through the typical tech startup phase, which deviated from the original core idea and ended in failure.

“You always hear about the college grad who slept in his car while building a product, worked out of a basement to save money, or secretly resided in the AOL office as testament to his determination. But you never hear about those who hustle just as hard, make similar outrageous sacrifices…and still fail.”

This Smithsonian Magazine article about how the myth of Columbus was born from the aftermath of the American Revolution.

“If the object of such ardor seems inappropriate in the modern world there’s also ample evidence that the whole affair began rather badly – not with affection for Columbus himself but with a disdain for England and the desire for a uniquely American hero.”

photo credit: Nokia Lumia 930 via photopin (license)